Title:Digital Transformation and Integration: What's Next?
Date:Monday, 21 January 2019
Location:Tapa 2
WEB_DESC:Simply acknowledging that your company needs to shift to a digital business focus is no longer good enough to be a leader. To drive digital business success, your company needs to align its digital transformation to the evolving needs and desires of its customers and how best to achieve those new wants via partner ecosystem integration. The key to accomplishing this objective – drive a digital platform value proposition that empowers all members of your ecosystem (including your customers) to collaborate to drive new value creations and extensions. In this session you will learn the keys to digital business platform strategies and how those who are already leading these efforts are driving market success.
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TitleEtc:VP & Principal Analyst - C-Suite, Forrester Research, USA
TitleEtc:CEO - International, Telstra, Hong Kong SAR China