Title:TeleGeography Workshop
Date:Sunday, 20 January 2019
Location:Coral 1 & 2
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Back to the Future
Hop into a silver 1982 Delorean and hit 88 mph for an epic, time-traveling presentation that will examine the state of international telecommunications networks in the past, present, and future. Topics to be covered include shifts in bandwidth demand drivers, the development on new hub cities, trends in submarine cable investment, and more.

Expectations and Realities: State of the Data Center Market
The data center sector is pushing toward a brave new world—a world in which sites blanket the network edge, where the last frontiers of network development are brought online, and where high density service provisioning is ubiquitous. But where does the situation stand now? This presentation assesses where data center investment dollars are being put to work, the degree to which high-density provisioning is taking off, pricing movements, and more.

Pricing Update
Wholesale circuit and IP transit prices have been falling for years, but the pace varies widely, and can determine the difference between profits and losses for carriers. How are recent network investments, emerging market players, and the deployment of new technologies affecting international prices? What markets are experiencing the biggest shifts and what is the outlook for bandwidth buyers and sellers?
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