All Program Participants

TitleEtc:Associate Professor, Department of Advanced Information Technology, Kyushu University, Japan
TitleEtc:PR Manager, Welltool Co., Ltd., Japan
TitleEtc:Managing Director, Global Head - Communications Infrastructure, RBC Capital Markets, USA
TitleEtc:Ph.D. Student, Pennsylvania State University, USA
TitleEtc:CEO & Founder, Northern Sky Research (NSR), USA
TitleEtc:Ph.D. Student, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
TitleEtc:Founder and CEO, Team Bax, USA
TitleEtc:Senior Director, Global Submarine Networks, Google LLC, Ireland
TitleEtc:Chairman, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder, Arista Networks Inc., USA
TitleEtc:Co-Founder & President, APTelecom, Thailand
TitleEtc:Manager, Data Science, TeleGeography, USA
TitleEtc:VP of Global Enterprise Vertical Strategy & Marketing, Equinix, USA
TitleEtc:Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Canada
TitleEtc:Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield, Canada
TitleEtc:Partner & Head of International Practice, HWG LLP, USA
TitleEtc:President & CEO, Hudson Interxchange, USA
TitleEtc:Director, Disruptive Analysis, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Professor, Communication Program, University of Hawaii, USA
TitleEtc:Engineer, KTSAT, Republic of Korea
TitleEtc:CEO - Telstra Purple, Telstra, Singapore
TitleEtc:Senior Lecturer, Public Communication, School of Communication, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
TitleEtc:Director of Infrastructure, Head of Strategic Interconnection, Cloudflare, USA
TitleEtc:Chief Commercial Officer, Console Connect, Hong Kong SAR China
TitleEtc:CTO, CPO & Co-founder, PacketFabric, USA
TitleEtc:United Kingdom
TitleEtc:VP for Strategic Research, Salesforce, USA
TitleEtc:CEO & President, eStruxture Data Centers, USA
TitleEtc:President & CEO, SES, Luxembourg
TitleEtc:CTO, Americas, ADTRAN, USA
TitleEtc:Executive Chairman, GlobeNet Cabos Submarinos America Inc., USA
TitleEtc:President & CEO, Subcom, USA
TitleEtc:President, ASH CABLE LLC, American Samoa
TitleEtc:President of APSCC; CEO, GapSat, France
TitleEtc:Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman, Viasat Inc., USA
TitleEtc:Vice President, Cellular Backhaul Business Development, Comtech EF Data, Canada
TitleEtc:EVP, Sales, Marketing & CRM, Colt Technology Services, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Executive Director, International Policies, National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) of Egypt, Egypt
TitleEtc:President, Application Technology Strategy, LLC, USA
TitleEtc:Vice President, Customer Solutions, SubCom, USA
TitleEtc:Senior Director Infrastructure Services, COMSAT, USA
TitleEtc:CEO & Founder, Diffraction Analysis, Hong Kong SAR China
TitleEtc:Associate Professor, Technical Communication, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California, USA
TitleEtc:Chief Economist, Phoenix Center For Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies, USA
TitleEtc:Chief Operating Officer & Sales, Xtera, Inc., United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Co-Founder & CEO, Kentik, USA
TitleEtc:Emeritus Professor of Telecommunications and Law, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
TitleEtc:Ph.D. Student, Northumbria University, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Colt Technology Services, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Partner; Global Co-Chair, ESG & Sustainable Finance, Paul Hastings LLP, USA
TitleEtc:Standards Advisor, Ericsson, Canada
TitleEtc:Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Clear Blockchain Technologies PTE LTD, Singapore
TitleEtc:Co-Founder & CEO, APTelecom, USA
TitleEtc:Head of Architecture and Strategic Engineering, Telstra, Hong Kong SAR China
TitleEtc:Chief Analyst, 451 Research, USA
TitleEtc:Postdoctoral Researcher, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
TitleEtc:Co-Director, Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center, SSRI, University of Hawaii, USA
TitleEtc:Vice President of Business Development, , USA
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Cataleya Private Limited, Singapore
TitleEtc:Senior Manager, TeleGeography, USA
TitleEtc:Managing Director, Cloud and Communications Research, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., USA
TitleEtc:Professor Emerita; Former Director, University of San Francisco; ISER, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
TitleEtc:Vice President, Telesat LEO, Canada
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, DE-CIX Management GmbH, Germany
TitleEtc:Director, PJSquare Ltd., Hong Kong SAR China
TitleEtc:Deputy Secretary-General, ITU, Switzerland
TitleEtc:Senior Vice President of Space Programs Delivery, Maxar Technologies, USA
TitleEtc:Co-founder & Chief Executive, Chayora Holdings Limited, Hong Kong SAR China
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Astrocast, Switzerland
TitleEtc:CEO, Eastern Light, Sweden
TitleEtc:Ph.D. Student, Kyushu University, Japan
TitleEtc:CEO & Founder, DigitalFilm Tree, USA
TitleEtc:General Manager of Corporate Planning Department, TEPCO Optical Network Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan
TitleEtc:CIO & Head TMT Asia and EMENA, International Finance Corporation (IFC) - World Bank Group, Singapore
TitleEtc:Principal, IP Carrier, USA
TitleEtc:President, Sales and Business Development - Americas, Console Connect, USA
TitleEtc:Professor, Bryan School of Business and Economics, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, USA
TitleEtc:Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Republic of Korea
TitleEtc:Chief Systems Architect, XKL, USA
TitleEtc:Senior Director, Product Marketing, Ciena, Canada
TitleEtc:President & CEO, GEOshare, USA
TitleEtc:Professor, National Chengchi University, Chinese Taipei
TitleEtc:Professor, National Chengchi University, Chinese Taipei
Name:Jia Liu
TitleEtc:Ph.D. Student, Taiwan National Chengchi University, Chinese Taipei
TitleEtc:Principal, TJLNova Consulting, USA
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, FiberLight, LLC, USA
TitleEtc:Director, ITW Global Leaders' Forum, Capacity Media, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Chief Marketing Officer, EdgeConneX, USA
TitleEtc:Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk, USA
TitleEtc:Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Political Science, California State University, Long Beach, USA
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Databank Ltd, USA
TitleEtc:Research Director, TeleGeography, USA
TitleEtc:Vice President of Innovation, QTS, USA
TitleEtc:CEO & President, Equinix, USA
TitleEtc:CEO of Global Business, Bharti Airtel Ltd, India
TitleEtc:Director of Business Development, Ocean Specialists, Inc., USA
TitleEtc:Distinguished Professor, Keio University, Japan
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Global Marine Systems Ltd, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Senior Counsel, Digital Development, World Bank, USA
TitleEtc:Professor, Global Media Studies, Komazawa University, Japan
TitleEtc:Director, CITRIS Policy Lab, UC Berkeley, USA
TitleEtc:Senior Research Associate, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Submarine Cable Engineer, Facebook, USA
TitleEtc:Partner, HWG LLP, USA
TitleEtc:President & Founder, HOT TELECOM, Canada
TitleEtc:Associate Professor, Department of Communication Research, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines
TitleEtc:Senior Vice President, Network Strategy, Flexential, USA
TitleEtc:Network Strategy, Cloudflare, USA
TitleEtc:Founder & CEO, Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd., Singapore
TitleEtc:Head of Global Connectivity Policy and Planning, Meta, USA
TitleEtc:President & CEO, Digital Realty, USA
TitleEtc:President, Digital Users Group of India, India
TitleEtc:Subsea Optical Network Architect, Facebook, USA
TitleEtc:VP, Global Business Development, ADVA Optical Networking, USA
TitleEtc:Doctoral Student, University of Pittsburgh, USA
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Recovery Point, USA
TitleEtc:Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Management of Technology, Hoseo University, Republic of Korea
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Fiji International Telecommunications Pte Limited, Fiji
TitleEtc:Founder & Chief Executive Officer, NJFX, USA
TitleEtc:Senior Manager, External Relations Division, NEC Corporation, Japan
TitleEtc:Project Associate Professor, Keio University, Japan
TitleEtc:Vice President Americas, Aqua Comms, USA
TitleEtc:Managing Partner, Digital Mobility Ventures, USA
TitleEtc:Founder & CEO, Cogent Communications, USA
TitleEtc:Senior United States Senator From Hawaii, United States Senate, USA
TitleEtc:Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Privé Technologies, Hong Kong SAR China
TitleEtc:Chief Partners & Solutions Officer, Xtera, Inc., USA
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, NEXTDC Limited, Australia
TitleEtc:Business Development EMEA, Equinix, Netherlands
TitleEtc:Senior Consultant - Global Submarine Systems, Ciena, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Corporate Executive, KDDI Cableships & Subsea Engineering Inc., Japan
TitleEtc:Managing Director, Policy Tracker, United Kingdom
TitleEtc:Managing Partner, Paul Hastings LLP, USA
TitleEtc:Space Lawyer, Lunar Development Company, USA
TitleEtc:Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, EdgeMicro, USA
TitleEtc:Chairman & CEO, Object Management Group, Inc., USA
TitleEtc:Chief Technology Officer, RTI, Japan
TitleEtc:Managing Partner, DRG Undersea Consulting, USA
TitleEtc:VP & Principal Analyst - C-Suite, Forrester Research, USA
TitleEtc:Chairman and C.E.O, Lonestar Data Holdings Inc., USA
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Strand Consult, Denmark
TitleEtc:Global Optical Architect, Facebook, USA
TitleEtc:Managing Sales Director, Oceania, Intelsat, Australia
TitleEtc:Emeritus Professor, Media Policy and Economics, Keio University, Japan
TitleEtc:Director-General for Cybersecurity, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan
TitleEtc:Assistant Professor, Mahindra University, India
TitleEtc:Postgraduate Student, Management Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Peoples Republic of China
TitleEtc:SVP, Head of Infrastructure and Cloud, Imperva, USA
TitleEtc:Head of International BU, Retelit, Italy
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, CMC Networks, Belgium
TitleEtc:Former VP/CTO, Cisco Systems, USA
TitleEtc:Senior Engineer, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC, Sri Lanka
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, DC BLOX, USA
TitleEtc:Global Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment Industry Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value, Netherlands
TitleEtc:Chief Commercial Officer, LeoSat Enterprises, Netherlands
TitleEtc:President, Zayo Networks and, COO, Zayo Group, USA
TitleEtc:Founder & Principal, XFORMA LLC, USA
TitleEtc:President, GLIA Foundation, USA
TitleEtc:Chief Technology Officer, Deep Blue Cable, Saint Lucia
TitleEtc:Chief Executive Officer, Government of Canada Cloud Adviser, Cloud Perspectives, Canada
TitleEtc:Founder & CEO, Mu Space Corp, Thailand
TitleEtc:Vice President for IT & CIO, University of Hawaii, USA
TitleEtc:Professor and Senior Academic Fellow, University of Dhaka and United Nations University, Portugal
TitleEtc:Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Peoples Republic of China