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Name:Frederick Chui
TitleCompany:Chief Commercial Officer, Console Connect
Country:Hong Kong SAR China
Bio:Frederick Chui joined Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) in 1991 and held senior positions in solutions design, product management, product development and marketing. Until 2008, he was the Senior Vice President of PCCW Global’s International Products and Solutions division and was responsible for managing PCCW Global’s product management and development activities, as well as overseeing marketing and presales support activities around the world. In 2008, Frederick was appointed head of Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania sales and business development operations. In early 2011, Frederick became Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales. He was responsible for overseeing PCCW Global’s business development in data sales, as well as presales activities, access management and marketing strategies. In 2012, he became the Senior Vice President, Global Data Sales and Presales and, in 2019, the Chief Commercial Officer of PCCW Global. Before joining HKT, Frederick engaged in the development of products and solutions for a number of telecoms operators serving the Asia Pacific region. He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Bachelor of Engineering and holds an Executive MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
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