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Name:Richard Whitt
TitleCompany:President, GLIA Foundation
Bio:Richard S. Whitt is a technology attorney, and corporate and public policy strategist, based in San Francisco, California. In May 2018, after eleven-plus years with Google, Richard founded NetsEdge LLC, a tech strategy firm providing expert counsel to edge companies and other entities on emerging accountability challenges from online technologies. Richard will focus in particular on designing and implementing innovative governance regimes for new net platforms, such as virtual software agents, connected devices, autonomous systems, cloud networks, and blockchain and other decentralized infrastructure. Most recently, Richard served for nearly four years as Corporate Counsel for Strategic Initiatives in Google’s Mountain View headquarters. During his extensive tenure with the company, Richard helped shape and execute on Google’s corporate and public policy strategies in numerous areas, including network neutrality, global broadband deployment, spectrum policy, intellectual property, data protection, Internet governance, and IoT ecosystem management. Richard currently serves as a fellow in residence with the Mozilla Foundation, and a senior fellow (non-resident) with the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy.
Title:You can find Richard in:
Monday, 21 January 201914:00–14:25Issues and Opportunities at the Application LayerTapa 2PTC19PROGKN_4


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