Program Participant

Name:Avi Freedman
TitleCompany:Co-Founder & CEO, Kentik
Bio:Avi Freedman is the co-founder and CEO of network observability company Kentik. He has decades of experience as a networking technologist and executive. As a network pioneer in 1992, Freedman started Philadelphia’s first ISP, known as netaxs. He went on to run network operations at Akamai for over a decade as VP of network infrastructure and then as chief network scientist. He also ran the network at AboveNet and was the CTO of ServerCentral.
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Wednesday, 23 January 201909:00–10:15Topical Session: Flexible Networks & ArchitecturesSouth Pacific 3PTC19PROGTS_FNA_1


Carriers, transit providers, and other communications service providers (CSPs) that generate revenue by delivering IP traffic on behalf of others have operated for 25 years without the IP equivalent of UPS or FedEx package tracking. Understanding how traffic gets from point A to point B across a large network has traditionally been an entirely manual process. Having a deeper understanding of network data can change that, giving CSPs a straightforward way to understand each customer's end-to-end traffic patterns.