Program Participant

Name:Gil Santaliz
TitleCompany:Founder & CEO, NJFX
Bio:NJFX CEO Gil Santaliz’ innovative approach to thinking outside traditional telecom ways of partnerships and network architecture, has led him to establish a unique offering that impacts global communications. NJFX operates “Tier 3 by the Subsea,” the world’s first colocation campus that strategically intersects a carrier-neutral subsea Cable Landing Station meet-me room with an independent Tier 3 colocation facility. Strategically located 64 feet above sea level and hurricane 5 resistant, the NJFX colocation facility has 4 subsea cables to Europe and South America, and 7 independent U.S. fiber based backhaul providers. NJFX’s unique approach helps carriers strategically diversify connectivity options to key hubs across North America, Europe, and South America, bypassing legacy chokepoints. Santaliz’ expertise has led him to join the Submarine Networks EMEA 2020 Advisory Board, as well as the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) Advisory Board. Santaliz earned a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.
Title:You can find Gil in:
Sunday, 20 January 201909:00–10:15Submarine Cable Workshop 1: Global Submarine Cable UpdateCoral 1 & 2PTC19PROGWK_SC_1