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Name:Ayushi Tandon
TitleCompany:Doctoral Student, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Bio:Ayushi Tandon is pursuing her Ph.D. in Information Systems area at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. Her dissertation is on understanding electronic medical record keeping, from socio-cultural perceptive. She is currently engaging with hospitals using computers for maintaining medical records (to variable extent) both in rural and urban areas in India for her study. She is PTC Young Scholar Alum, 2018 and has also presented papers on sharing economy in health sector, use of open source software by researchers, and hedonic technology (game) adoption at various conference in India. She has published a book chapter on smart meter data analytics. She has two years of industry work experience at Qualcomm India private limited, Hyderabad, after graduating from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, India, in electronics and communication engineering.
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In the past decade, ICT, including the Internet, has been increasingly available in-schools (Gu and Xu 2018; Komatsu and Rappleye 2017; Passey et al. 2016; Peña-López 2015). Researchers examined the impact of access to the Internet among school children, how it is related to their academic performance. like, Zhu et. al. (2011) suggested that a significant relationship existed between Internet information seeking and academic performance of children studying in high school. Recently, In developing countries like India there is rapid adoption of ICT in education and this makes the establishment of ‘meaningful student–Internet use’ necessary. A report by Indian ministry claimed that 93% of Indian students access Internet daily. The school-related and educational information seeking by children (particularly teenagers) on the Internet deserves more attention. This sets ground for understanding the interaction between the Internet, and critical user segment i.e. children aged 12-15 years. This is also critical age group in Indian education system, as courses opted by children (That shape their professional careers like engineering, medicine, humanities, commerce etc.) during these years predominantly determines their vocation. In this study we have explored various dimensions of Internet use among secondary school children i.e. of 12-15 years age group.