Program Participant

Name:Anna Claiborne
TitleCompany:CTO, CPO, & Co-founder, PacketFabric
Bio:Anna co-founded Prolexic Technologies, the first commercial DDoS mitigation company. She wrote the original mitigation and network automation systems that allowed a small team to effectively combat 100+Gbps attacks. Prolexic was later acquired by Akamai for $370M. Anna previously served as Product Manager of the Security Services line at Terremark, a publicly traded company, and worked on various aspects of the Verizon acquisition of Terremark. As employee number one at 6connect, Anna acted as VP of Engineering to develop an extensive network automation toolset that turned into a profitable, privately-held company still serving top clients like SAP, Zayo, and Dell today. Anna has recently served on the program committee for NANOG and the Open IX Association, and contributes code to large-scale open source projects such as OpenTSDB.
Title:You can find Anna in:
Tuesday, 22 January 201908:30–09:45Topical Session: SDN and Network InnovationSouth Pacific 1PTC19PROGTS_SDN