Program Participant

Name:Masaaki Sato
TitleCompany:Project Associate Professor, Keio University
Bio:Dr. Masaaki SATO devoted himself on research and development of network mobility platform and Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS) based on vehicle sensor data, called “Probe Vehicle Systems”. He began the standardization effort in ISO as an international expert in 2000. Based on his contributions and knowledge, Dr. SATO led the ISO standards effort on the data format of vehicle information and the principles for personal data protection. He had been assigned to National University of Singapore, and have been working on Japan–Singapore joint research corroborations for three and a half years since 2012. Dr. SATO has been a project associate professor of Keio University since 2015. He is handling a number of projects utilizing sensor data/IoT, not only vehicle telematics but also big data from human behavior/smart home. He and his team has created trial field for healthcare IoT and Telemedicine from 2017. They have been doing experiments with medical professionals in the field.
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