Conference Proceedings

TitleAuthorCo Auth 1 NameCo Auth 2 NameCategory
"Hospital in the Home" Telemedicine Base on the Internet with Ultra High Definition Television TechnologiesMasaaki Sato  Academic57568  PTC19PROGRWS_TELEHEALTH
5G Mobile Broadband: Challenges for Rural and Developing RegionsHeather Hudson  Academic1764  PTC19PROGICT4D
5G. More Than a Wireless UpgradeBrian Lavallée  General25203  PTC19PROGTS_5G
A New Paradigm in Satellite Data ServiceRonald Van Der Breggen  General56579  PTC19PROGWK_WTA
AEC-2 Havfrue: Delivering Secure, Resilient Trans- Atlantic CapacityMike Sauer  General55596  PTC19PROGTS_CDC
Africa's Trending TransformationMarisa Trisolino  General39315  PTC19PROGKN_CMCN
AI, IoT, and 5G for Innovative Industry Development and the Future of the Digital SocietyYoshiaki Takeuchi  General58721  PTC19PROGKN_AI_IOT_5G
Back to the FutureAlan Mauldin  General25465  PTC19PROGWK_TELEGEO
Beyond the HypeJonathan Hjembo  General36507  PTC19PROGWK_TELEGEO
Building a Digital Twin: Testing the Effectiveness of Telecommunication Policies in a Virtual WorldEdward Oughton  Academic57655  PTC19PROGYS_1
Can Content and Service Provider Design Requirements be Equally Addressed Within a Single Cable?Ian Clarke  General43335  PTC19PROGTS_CDC
Can we trust eDoctors? How can we increase trust on telemedicine systems?Ashir Ahmed  Academic54985  PTC19PROGRWS_TELEHEALTH
CITEL – U.S. 5G Spectrum PlanBrandie Nonnecke  Academic54845  PTC19PROGRTS_WRC19
Community Broadband Networks and Rural Digital Divide: A UK Case StudyPaolo Gerli  Academic57652  PTC19PROGYS_1
Comparative Study of Digital Economy Development Level in Seven Asian CountriesRuyu Tang  Academic57281  PTC19PROGRWS_CROSSMKT
Computing Even Closer to the EdgeTom Paseka  General47744  PTC19PROGTS_EC
Data to the Masses! An Exploration of Networks and TransformationJames Staten  General53418  PTC19PROGKN_REP
Data to the Masses! An Exploration of Networks and TransformationRob Van Den Dam  General57354  PTC19PROGKN_REP
Data to the Masses! An Exploration of Networks and TransformationRobert Pepper  General40864  PTC19PROGKN_REP
Data to the Masses! An Exploration of Networks and TransformationTony Bishop  General57559  PTC19PROGKN_REP
Design and Implementation of a Demand Responsive Mobility as a ServiceJecinta Kamau  Academic57654  PTC19PROGYS_2
Designing Automated Enforcement for Spectrum RegulationJ. Stephanie Rose  Academic57656  PTC19PROGYS_2
Dichotomous Thinking About the International Telecommunication UnionRob Frieden  Academic4656  PTC19PROGRTS_ITU
Digital Mobility VenturesKnut Sauer  General58747  PTC19PROGTS_DI
Digital Transformation and Integration: What's Next?James Staten  General53418  PTC19PROGKN_3
Digital Transformation and Integration: What's Next?Oliver Camplin-Warner  General57380  PTC19PROGKN_3
Doing Well by Doing Good: Are Forcibly Displaced Communities a "Market"?Christopher Stott  General21981  PTC19PROGKN_GWF
Drivers of the Varied Positions – Who Matters, What MattersMoinul Zaber  Academic51190  PTC19PROGRTS_WRC19
Edge Computing and Cloud Federation – Planning for SuccessSteven Woodward  General45213  PTC19PROGTS_IDTN
Efficient Optical Fiber Maintenance Using the "Pole Search System"Toshikazu Katsumata  General57731  PTC19PROGSEM_PTCJ
Enabling Digital Transformation in a Cloud-First WorldCharles Meyers  General45179  PTC19PROGKN_1
Enabling the Ubiquitous EdgePhillip Marangella  General52040  PTC19PROGTS_EC
Europe and Middle East Cable Project UpdateKeith Shaw  General51889  PTC19PROGWK_SC_1
Exploratory Study on the use of the Internet for Educational Purposes by Children in the Age Group 12-15 Years in IndiaAyushi Tandon  Academic55278  PTC19PROGICT4D
Flexible Transport Network ArchitecturesChad Lamb  General46291  PTC19PROGTS_FNA_1
Friction Free BusinessEran Haggiag  General58228  PTC19PROGTS_FNA_1
From the Edge to the CoreTimothy Parker  General54234  PTC19PROGTS_EC
Global Regulatory UpdateKent Bressie  General42851  PTC19PROGWK_SC_1
How Carriers Must Evolve to Harness Digital 2.0 OpportunitiesPankaj Miglani  General43600  PTC19PROGKN_2
How has the Japanese Market Responded to Global OTT-TV Development?Yoko Nishioka  Academic21225  PTC19PROGRWS_OTT
How Much Earth Potential Allowance is Really Needed for Submarine Systems?Mark Enright  General34490  PTC19PROGTS_SC
How to Monetize Your Network DataAvi Freedman  General54757  PTC19PROGTS_FNA_1
How Traditional Traffic Flows are Changing: The Eve of New Global Submarine Cable Networks?Ivo Ivanov  General53279  PTC19PROGTS_CDC
If You Fund It, Will They Come? The Impact of Broadband Technology Opportunities Program on County EmploymentYang Bai  Academic57686  PTC19PROGRWS_CROSSMKT
Impact of Very High-Speed Broadband on Company Creation and Entrepreneurship: Empirical EvidenceMaude Hasbi  Academic57653  PTC19PROGYS_1
Innovative Challenges "From Pipes to Platforms"Yasuo Sato  General35378  PTC19PROGSEM_PTCJ
IOT EngagementJames Yenbamroong  General56756  PTC19PROGTS_SAT_1
ITU: Three Sectors at a CrossroadMartin Sims  General57465  PTC19PROGRTS_ITU
ITU: Three Sectors at Cross RoadsErik Bohlin  Academic47034  PTC19PROGRTS_ITU
LEO/MEO Constellations and the TeleportBruce Elbert  General51019  PTC19PROGWK_WTA
LEO/MEO Constellations and the TeleportChris Faletra  General58140  PTC19PROGWK_WTA
M-CORD: Building Best-of-Breed Backhaul...and Fronthaul, TooRobert Conger  General57398  PTC19PROGTS_IDTN
Media Convergence as Adaptation Strategy in the Entry of Over-The-Top Services in the PhilippinesFernando Paragas  Academic57312  PTC19PROGRWS_OTT
Mobile Broadband Holds Great Promise, but is it Enough?Brandie Nonnecke  Academic54845  PTC19PROGICT4D
Networks to Platforms – What's Delaying Telco Transformation?Anuradha Udunuwara  General51963  PTC19PROGTS_SDN
North Atlantic Cable Project UpdateGil Santaliz  General55098  PTC19PROGWK_SC_1
Open Access – Value Chain DefinitionJoeri Van Bogaert  General57335  PTC19PROGTS_DI
Pacific Project UpdateAndrew Hankins  General49631  PTC19PROGWK_SC_1
Pricing UpdateMichael Bisaha  General55585  PTC19PROGWK_TELEGEO
PriveJulian Schillinger  General57454  PTC19PROGTS_DI
Recent Policy Initiatives in the EU for Data Protection for the Health Sector Based on GDPRErik Bohlin  Academic47034  PTC19PROGRWS_TELEHEALTH
Rediscovery of "Zero" – Link Your Smiles From Under the SeaKaori Shikinaka  General54469  PTC19PROGSEM_PTCJ
Satellite and the Internet of Things (IoT)Harim Byeon  General57858  PTC19PROGTS_SAT_1
SDN and Network InnovationWilliam Ciminelli  General55780  PTC19PROGTS_SDN
SDN and the Future of Network AutomationAnna Claiborne  General57269  PTC19PROGTS_SDN
Social Media Use Among Adolescents in GuamWayne BuenteFrancis DalisayPallav PokhrelAcademic47412  PTC19PROGRWS_CROSSMKT
Study on the Information Measurement System Under the Background of [the] Embedded InfoshpereBin ZhangRuyu TangZhidao PengAcademic5755057281 PTC19PROGRWS_CROSSMKT
Submarine Cable – The Connectivity Evolution: The Past, Present, and FutureNigel Bayliff  General55499  PTC19PROGTS_SC
Taiwanese Broadcasters' Competitive Advantages in Developing OTT Platforms and Harnessing User Data: A Case of Public Broadcasting Television Service PlusTrisha T. C. Lin  Academic57338  PTC19PROGRWS_OTT
The APT's PositionYoungsun Kwon  Academic42730  PTC19PROGRTS_WRC19
The CEPTErik Bohlin  Academic47034  PTC19PROGRTS_WRC19
The Development of the OTT TV Markets in China: The Multi-thread Administrative Control Model and The Rise of Local GiantsJia Liu  Academic57363  PTC19PROGRWS_OTT
The Economics of the Fifth Generation Cellular NetworkNir Kshetri  Academic49493  PTC19PROGRWS_EMGMKT
The Road From Software Defined Networking to Autonomous Network OperationsNiall Robinson  General49414  PTC19PROGTS_SDN
The Role of Regional and Niche Operators in the Submarine Cable IndustryDiego Riccardo Teot  General47087  PTC19PROGTS_CDC
To a World With no Language Barriers Where Everyone can Communicate FreelyAntonio Angelov  General57732  PTC19PROGSEM_PTCJ
To Support or Not Support: Organizational Issues Faced by Nurse Administrators on Nurses' Use of Smartphones for Work PurposesJohn Robert Bautista  Academic57658  PTC19PROGYS_2
Two-Sided Internet Markets and the Need to Assess Both Upstream and Downstream ImpactsRob Frieden  Academic4656  PTC19PROGRWS_EMGMKT
Vision for Connectivity in the PacificSteve Collar  General52583  PTC19PROGKN_SAT_1
Who Will Own the International Fiber Infrastructure of the Future?Svante Jurnell  General49975  PTC19PROGTS_SC
World Changing Satellite IoT CommunicationsFabien Jordan  General58727  PTC19PROGTS_SAT_1