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Title:5G. More Than a Wireless Upgrade
TitleEtc:, Senior Director, Verticals & Solutions Marketing, Ciena, Canada
Abstract:Much of the discussion involving 5G has been related to upgrading the radios, antennas, and handsets. However, if you think about it, the end-to-end mobile network is a massive wireline network with radios and antennas attached to its edges. If 5G is going to deliver upon its expected end-to-end performance improvements, massive upgrades and modernization of the wireline network that connects 5G radios to each other and to data centers where accessed content is accessed, is required. Mobile Network Operators simply cannot expand their networks in the same traditional manner if they are to cost-effectively and successfully deliver the optimistic promises of 5G. Operators need a new way of expanding their wireline network using the latest technologies such as virtualization, SDN/NFV, coherent optics, network sensors, big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and more. My presentation will cover the major challenges and opportunities facing operators who will be modernizing their networks to deliver commercially viable 5G mobile network connectivity. Attendees will learn how 5G is about far more than a wireless upgrade.