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Title:How Much Earth Potential Allowance is Really Needed for Submarine Systems?
TitleEtc:, Vice President, Customer Solutions, SubCom, USA
Abstract:When designing Undersea Cable Systems, an important consideration is the total voltage the system will operate under during system life. This system voltage is determined by three factors: The voltage drop of current flowing in the cable conductor, the voltage drop across each repeater and finally an allocation of voltage difference between the landing points of the system, the so-called Earth Potential. This Earth potential allocation is usually a distance-based rule of thumb such as 0.1 V/km. This presentation will examine observed Earth potential across a variety of system lengths and locations to determine an appropriate methodology for estimating the Earth Potential allocation. These results will consider various degrees of Geo-Magnetic activity. Finally, these results will be applied to illustrate the cost and single-end feed reach benefits to a typical undersea system.