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Title:Rediscovery of "Zero" – Link Your Smiles From Under the Sea
TitleEtc:, Deputy Director - Sales & Marketing, Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd., Japan
Abstract:Discovery of the “Zero” and Layer “Zero” have something in common –to give some sort of form to something not formed. It has been there for many years and people tend to think that its role is nothing special. We probably don’t even stop to think about importance of “Zero” existence in our busy daily life. Digital images, digital multimedia broadcast, the Internet have reached nearly every corner of the world. A large volume of data and information is being exchanged with a large variety of technologies these days. A lot of people especially younger generation who are not brought up with “wired” never realize that all the data/information they receive is being transmitted through these “pipes” under the sea. Nothing can be created without the “Zero”. We see cable laying operation which eventually leads people on the globe to the betterment of community, society, economy, education and life for humankind as Layer “Zero”. KCS introduces how Layer “Zero” supports “platform” businesses.