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Title:Comparative Study of Digital Economy Development Level in Seven Asian Countries
TitleEtc:, Postgraduate Student, Management Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Peoples Republic of China
Abstract:The digital economy, which uses digital knowledge and information as key production factors, modern information networks as an important carrier, and effective use of information and communication technologies as an important driving force for efficiency improvement and economic structure optimization, has led the way as a new economic form after the Internet age. Therefore, this paper conducts a comparative study on the digital economy development level of seven Asian countries: China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This paper presents a proposed evaluation index system of digital economy. The seven countries are calculated to get the digital economy development index from 2014 to 2016. Then quantitative analysis, mathematical analysis, comparative analysis and DEA method are used to analyze the digital economy development of China and other six countries. Pearson correlation analysis and curve fitting by MATLAB are performed on relevant indicators of digital technology and economy development, trying to explore the influencing factors of digital economy. Finally, on this basis, policy suggestions to improve China’s digital economy development level are putted forward.