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Title:Impact of Very High-Speed Broadband on Company Creation and Entrepreneurship: Empirical Evidence
TitleEtc:, Postdoctoral Researcher, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Abstract:I use micro-level panel data on almost 5,000 municipalities in metropolitan France cover- ing 75% of the population over the period 2010-2015 to estimate the impact of very high-speed broadband networks on company creation in France. I use a count modeling approach with time- and municipal-fixed effects to estimate whether the local presence of a very high-speed broadband network has an impact on business location, in terms of establishment creation. I show that municipalities with a very high-speed broadband network tend to be more attrac- tive for companies, with a positive effect on establishment creation within the tertiary sector: in the commerce service and transport sub-sector. In addition, municipalities with a very high-speed broadband network provide a more favorable environment for entrepreneurship.