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Title:Efficient Optical Fiber Maintenance Using the "Pole Search System"
TitleEtc:, General Manager of Corporate Planning Department, TEPCO Optical Network Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan
Abstract:The Optical-Fiber Cable which runs throughout the city achieves the high-speed Internet and wide-band networks and is absolutely essential for many organizations and our life (Using a mobile phone and Wi-Fi etc.).The Optical-Fiber Cable enables us to provide a comfortable society. When the Optical-Fiber Cable is cut once, all of services stop and all of networks paralyze. We are a technical group with high skill in terms of maintenance of communication cables for both telecommunication companies and electric utilities possessing our know-how to operate communication networks stably at low cost. Then, we have developed a "Pole Search System” that utilizes the know-how cultivated through quick cable accident recovery. Now, this system is developing new services that are utilized not only inside the company but also outside the company. We contribute to realize a healthy society by our skill and technology know-how to maintain the Optical-Fiber Cable.