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Title:To a World With no Language Barriers Where Everyone can Communicate Freely
TitleEtc:, PR Manager, Welltool Co., Ltd., Japan
Abstract:Today, Internet has conquered the borders between countries while corporations strive to collect big data. However, in everyday life we continue to speak our mother tongue, so when we want to convey our thoughts to foreigners we rely on interpreters and translation software. Naturally, this requires time, money and effort. Thus, Welltool was born – achieving communication with foreigners without thinking about native tongues. We created a technology that penetrates language barriers. It is now possible to instantly obtain information about food and drink menus, product pamphlets and manuals, catalogues, instructions for emergency situations during natural disasters, allergy details regardless of which language we are using just by scanning a single QR code. One more thing we succeeded in is the invention of a group chat where we need not mind the language that messages are sent and received. Moreover, existing websites, applications, electronic commerce can be automatically translated instantly by embedding this technology into the API. Our firm belief is that Welltool can spread throughout the whole world via Amazon, Yahoo!, Instagram and such.