Program Participant

Name:Chuck Schumann
TitleCompany:VP, CEO, Microcom, Pacific Dataport Inc., USA
Bio:Chuck Schumann is the Vice President of Microcom and CEO of Pacific Dataport Inc. He has over 40 years of experience in the satellite communications industry in Alaska, Russia, Hawaii and the lower 48. Chuck founded Microcom in 1984 to focus on satellite communications projects within Alaska and has been responsible for many “firsts” for the industry there. Pacific Dataport was founded to solve Alaska’s rural broadband problem and is now focused on another first for Alaska; building and launching Aurora 4A and then Aurora IV as a regional HTS satellite system that will serve all of Alaska. Chuck attended his first PTC in 1985.
Title:You can find Chuck in:
Wednesday, 22 January 202009:00–10:15New Services, New Challenges for Satellite Services in the Asia/Pacific HemisphereMPCC, South Pacific 1PTC20PROGTS_SAT_22


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