Program Participant

Name:Fiona Beck
TitleCompany:Chair, SAEx International Management Ltd, Mauritius
Bio:Fiona is the Chair of SAEx, an innovative independent express submarine system which will link South Africa to the USA and Asia. She is also a Director of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, developing the submarine cable industry in helping achieve compliance with economic substance requirements and new best in class submarine cable protection zones for Bermuda. Fiona was the President and CEO for 14 years of Southern Cross Cable Network, a submarine fiberoptic cable company connecting New Zealand and Australia to the USA and she is the Past President for SubOptic. She is currently a Director on One Communications Ltd (a publicly listed Bermuda Company) and is a Director of Twilio IP Ltd (a subsidiary of Twilio Inc listed on the NYSE), a cloud based communications platform.
Title:You can find Fiona in:
Sunday, 19 January 202008:30–10:45Submarine Cable Workshop 1: New Cables, Drivers & TrendsMPCC, Coral 1 & 2PTC20PROGSC_WK_1
Sunday, 19 January 202010:45–11:45Submarine Cable Workshop 2: Common Challenges and Cooperative SolutionsMPCC, Coral 1 & 2PTC20PROGSC_WK_2
Monday, 20 January 202015:30–16:45Submarine Cable Topical Session: Real Issues!MPCC, South Pacific 1PTC20PROGTS_SC_20