Program Participant

Name:Tim Parker
TitleCompany:Senior Vice President, Network Strategy, Flexential, USA
Bio:Tim is the Vice President of Network Strategy at Flexential, where he is responsible for guiding the company's interconnection ecosystem. Joining ViaWest in 2015, Tim develops network strategies and architectures for Flexential's HybridEdge Strategy, focusing on interconnection technologies and key partnerships with service providers. Tim has more than 25 years of experience in delivering high-performance customer service in the Information Technology and Telecommunication sector. Prior to Flexential, he served as Director of Global Network Engineering at GoDaddy, where he managed a team of highly skilled network engineers responsible for the design and engineering of Go Daddy's Core network infrastructure. Prior to Go Daddy, Tim led Network and Security Engineering at PayPal, where he developed and built PayPal's dynamic routed infrastructure. Tim attended Community College of Air Force and studied Computer science at University of Colorado, before getting his start in network engineering.
Title:You can find Tim in:
Sunday, 19 January 202011:00–11:15Taking Data to the EdgeMPCC, Coral 3, 4 & 5PTC20PROGHUB_19_EC