Program Participant

Name:Karl Rauscher
TitleCompany:Commissioner, Managing Director & CEO, GIIC, USA
Bio:As strategic advisor, Karl helps tech start-ups make business breakthroughs. Karl helps the industry with seemingly intractable policy issues, most recently as Founder of the Association of Cloud Robot Operators (ACRO), which facilitates best practices, standards, and other policy essential to realizing the potential of cloud-connected robots while keeping people safe. He led the first U.S.-China and the first U.S.-Russia bilaterals on cyber security; and worked with the U.S. Federal Reserve to conduct the first comprehensive reliability study of the world’s undersea cable systems that underpin the Internet. He is as a Commissioner of the GIIC. Karl is also a scientist, cited as a Bell Labs Fellow, for achieving 6 “9’s” reliability (99.9999%). He is an inventor with 40+ patents/pending, the first of which was an early breakthrough in artificial intelligence. He founded the not-for-profit Wireless Emergency Response Team (WERT), which led advanced search and rescue efforts for survivors of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.
Title:You can find Karl in:
Sunday, 19 January 202015:45–16:00Cloud Robotics is the Most Likely Killer App for 5GMPCC, Coral 3, 4 & 5PTC20PROGHUB_19_INF