Program Participant

Name:Avi Freedman
TitleCompany:Co-Founder & CEO, Kentik, USA
Bio:Avi Freedman is co-founder and CEO of Kentik, provider of the only AIOps platform specifically designed for network professionals. He has decades of experience as a networking technologist and executive. As a network pioneer in 1992, Freedman started Philadelphia’s first ISP, known as netaxs. He went on to run network operations at Akamai for over a decade as VP of Network Infrastructure and then Chief Network Scientist. He also ran the network at AboveNet and was the CTO of ServerCentral.
Title:You can find Avi in:
Sunday, 19 January 202015:30–16:45Architectural Inter-relationship of Data Centers and Networks in the Edge EraMPCC, South Pacific 1PTC20PROGWK_KT_PF_19