Program Participant

Name:Michael Rothchild
TitleCompany:Chief Operating Officer, RouteTrust, USA
Bio:Michael is an entrepreneurial spirited Texan, who loves finding better ways to solve problems. A proven track record for optimization and process improvement, Michael has worked with and within companies of all sizes. Since beginning his telecom career as a change agent within a fortune 500 company, Michael has been involved in the operations of multiple start-ups and multimillion-dollar telecom carriers. Michael joined RouteTrust in late 2016 based on the belief that “the right technology can enhance an operations team’s performance”. Michael is committed to making the RouteTrust platform the gold standard for efficient telco operations.
Title:You can find Michael in:
Sunday, 19 January 202015:30–16:45Toll-Free: How an Established Identifier Drives Valued Business ConnectionMPCC, South Pacific 3PTC20PROGWK_TOLLFREE_19


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