Program Participant

Name:Puxin Zhang
TitleCompany:Doctoral Candidate, Southwest Jiaotong University, Peoples Republic of China
Bio:Puxin is a graduate of Economics in Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Province, China and is currently a Ph.D. candidate majoring in Management Science and Engineering at the School of Economics and Management at her alma mater. After obtaining bachelor’s degree in 2014, Puxin started her doctoral academic career. Her research interest lies in ICT and development, with a focus on the area of digital divide. She has published some papers and accomplished research projects with other participants in ICT area. In addition, Puxin has passion and perseverance for both intramural activities and practical experiences. She won some prizes as well as the Scholarship for Comprehensive Performance awarded by Southwest Jiaotong University and has internship in both the university and the provincial research institutions.
Title:You can find Puxin in:
Tuesday, 21 January 202015:30–16:45Empowerment Through ICTs: Inclusion, Innovation, and Access to ServicesSouth Pacific 4PTC20PROGYS_2_21