Program Participant

Name:Vijai Karthigesu
TitleCompany:Chief Executive Officer, Swarmio Media, Canada
Bio:Vijai is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, blockchain strategist and a thought leader in SDN, edge cloud and decentralized computing technologies. He has 20+ years of experience guiding organizations to create unique and ahead-of-the-curve technology strategies to adapt, change and lead major market transitions. Vijai has spoken at major events and has espoused the need for technology to be human-focused and decentralized in the emerging blockchain, IOT and 5G era. Vijai is the Founder/CEO of Swarmio Media, a global esports technology and media company. He was the Co-Founder / CSO of Cloud Dynamics, a cloud automation technology company, and Co-Founder / CTO of SpectraVoice, one of Canada's first commercial VOIP companies. Vijai held senior technology leadership positions in multi-billion-dollar Public and Private sector companies in Canada. Vijai is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, plus an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University.
Title:You can find Vijai in:
Sunday, 19 January 202014:00–14:15Harnessing the Power of Esports to Reach the Millennials and Digital NativesMPCC, Coral 3, 4 & 5PTC20PROGHUB_19_EC_1