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#betelnut: An Exploration of Betel Nut Culture on InstagramWayne Buente  AcademicSlides47412  PTC20PROGRWS_APPS_19
5G Case Wireless Spectrum Management and Industrial PolicyRob Frieden  AcademicPaper
Achieving the Vision of Universal Broadband: Lessons from North America for Developing RegionsHeather Hudson  AcademicPaper
AI, Deep Learning, and New OpportunitiesPiero Scaruffi  GeneralSlides59680  PTC20PROGCS_22_AI
Are Cell Towers Dangerous to Your Health?Gary Kim  GeneralSlides50637  PTC20PROGHUB_21_5G
Are Mobile Phones Dangerous to Your Health?Gary Kim  GeneralSlides50637  PTC20PROGHUB_20_5G
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: opportunities and roadblocks in the Wholesale IndustryDiego Riccardo Teot  GeneralSlides47087  PTC20PROGTS_AI_22
Big Data Solutions for Micro and Small Enterprises in Developing CountriesDiana Rojas-TorresNir Kshetri AcademicSlides5173049493 PTC20PROGRWS_EMERGE_19
Blockchain-Based Solutions to Improve Financing for the Ultra-Poor: Technological Potential and Practical ChallengesNir Kshetri  AcademicPaper
Broadband and 5G for IoT: How Will the Promise Be Delivered?Seiji Ninomiya  GeneralSlides59488  PTC20PROGCS_20_6
Building an Ecosystem of Infrastructure for Pacific NationsChristian Patouraux  GeneralSlides47647  PTC20PROGCS_20_7
Business Model Innovation and its Drivers in the Cell Tower Industry in Sub-Saharan AfricaJoshua Omoju  AcademicPaper59744  PTC20PROGYS_2_21
Business Roundtable's Purpose Statement and the ESG Risk, Compliance, and Creating Long-Term ValueTara Giunta  GeneralSlides15132  PTC20PROGBKF_PW_21
Cloud impact on Satellite CommunicationMichele DiPaolo  GeneralSlides57953  PTC20PROGWK_WTA_19
Cloud Robotics is the Most Likely Killer App for 5GKarl Rauscher  GeneralSlides54736  PTC20PROGHUB_19_INF
Cloud, Fog, Edge, and 5G: What and Why?Yang Yang  GeneralSlides59408  PTC20PROGHUB_20_CLOUD
Cloud-Based Satellite Infrastructure: COMSAT and SD Data Center ApproachChris Faletra  GeneralSlides58140  PTC20PROGWK_WTA_19
Cloud-based Satellite Infrastructure: How Teleports Integrate with Global Information ResourcesBruce Elbert  GeneralSlides51019  PTC20PROGWK_WTA_19
Co-developing Digital Inclusion Policy and Programming with Indigenous Partners: Interventions from CanadaRob McMahon  Academic 53303  PTC20PROGRWS_DEV_19
Community Centered Health Care: Using IT and ‘Ohana’ (Family and Friends) for Chronic Disease ManagementChristina Higa  AcademicSlides47260  PTC20PROGRWS_APPS_19
Compass Edge: The future of EdgeKeith Rutledge  GeneralSlides59592  PTC20PROGWK_KT_PF_19
Connectivity for IoT: What are Your Choices?Christine Pop  GeneralSlides57855  PTC20PROGHUB_19_IOT
Cyber Security Planning – Managing Tools, Talent & TechnologyKen Van Orman  GeneralSlides60228  PTC20PROGHUB_19_4
Data-driven Autonomous Optimization of Wireless NetworksYang Yang  AcademicSlides59408  PTC20PROGRTS_MOB_21
Digital Diplomacy between Korea and Japan: Public Diplomacy in CyberspaceWonkyung Rhee  AcademicSlides49361  PTC20PROGRWS_EMERGE_19
Disaster Risk Reduction Through Subsea Network DevelopmentTony Mosley  GeneralSlides52525  PTC20PROGTS_SC_20
Edge/ Cloud Innovation, Adoption, and Infrastructure Financing: Edges for Transformative InnovationSteven Woodward  GeneralSlides45213  PTC20PROGTS_EDGE_CLOUD
Edge/Cloud Innovation, Adoption and Infrastructure FinancingRandolph Borron  GeneralSlides57856  PTC20PROGTS_EDGE_CLOUD
Education at the Bedside: Developing an Interactive Patient Television Experience at Mayo ClinicWarren Harmon, M.S., AMM  GeneralSlides59626  PTC20PROGHUB_21_OTH
Empowering the Edge: Experiences Building and Financing Data Center Infrastructure for the Digital EconomyPhillip Marangella  GeneralSlides52040  PTC20PROGTS_EDGE_CLOUD
Factors for Scaling Up the Opportunity to Accessible and Assessable Healthcare Service for Unreached CommunityZahirul Alam  AcademicSlides59301  PTC20PROGRWS_APPS_19
Factors Predicting Consistent Usage of E-Government Websites: A Combined Qualitative and Quantitative ApproachRachel Peng  AcademicPaper59742  PTC20PROGYS_2_21
Future-proofing Data Center Design: Cooling & ConnectivityPhill Lawson-Shanks  GeneralSlides58483  PTC20PROGHUB_19_DC_1
Getting "Edge-y" with the Internet of ThingsSara Baack  GeneralSlides46753  PTC20PROGCS_20_1
Getting the balance right: How we manage revenue, social obligations, costs, harvesting legacy revenue and building new revenuesEric Handa  GeneralSlides46353  PTC20PROGHUB_19_BIZ
Harnessing the Power of Esports: To Reach Millennials and Digital NativesVijai Karthigesu  GeneralSlides59811  PTC20PROGHUB_19_EC_1
Kentik: Cloud-first Network Performance ManagementAvi Freedman  GeneralSlides54757  PTC20PROGWK_KT_PF_19
Listen to Your Network: Leveraging Analytics in Submarine NetworksBrian Lavallée  GeneralSlides25203  PTC20PROGTS_SC_20
Mobile Edge of the Internet Rapidly Moving to IPv6John Curran  GeneralSlides42700  PTC20PROGWK_MOB_19
Multicloud vs. Hybrid Cloud: What’s the difference?Anthony Rossabi  GeneralSlides54975  PTC20PROGHUB_19_CLOUD
National Digital StrategyKen Zita  GeneralSlides3818  PTC20PROGCS_21_3
Neutral Host NetworksDean Bubley  GeneralSlides49137  PTC20PROGHUB_19_5G_1
NTT: Enabling a Connected Future for 2020 and BeyondDoug AdamsMasaaki Moribayashi GeneralSlides5864659699 PTC20PROGCS_21_1
NTT: Enabling a Connected Future for 2020 and BeyondTetsuya Shoji  GeneralSlides55107  PTC20PROGCS_21_1
Pacific Islands Connectivity and PerspectivesMaui Sanford  GeneralSlides44095  PTC20PROGTS_SC_20
PacketFabric: A Modern Teleceommunications PlatformJezzibell Gilmore  GeneralSlides52328  PTC20PROGWK_KT_PF_19
Panel on AI & ML Hype: Challenges & OpportunitiesOliver Jones  GeneralSlides55451  PTC20PROGTS_AI_22
Pathways Towards 1 Pb/s Submarine Cable CapacitySergei Makovejs  GeneralSlides59430  PTC20PROGTS_SC_20
PTC'20 SubCable Workshop: Serving Small & Large Markets TogetherElaine Stafford  GeneralSlides40525  PTC20PROGSC_WK_2
PTC'20 Submarine Cable Workshop: Around the World UpdateSean Bergin  GeneralSlides48901  PTC20PROGSC_WK_1
PTC’20 Submarine Cable Workshop: Around the World UpdateKent Bressie  GeneralSlides42851  PTC20PROGSC_WK_1
Raising Total Capacity Provision of Mobile Network Operators Through ThrottlingOliver Zierke  AcademicPaper59740  PTC20PROGYS_1_21
Regulating Online Platforms: Lessons From 100 Years of Telecommunications RegulationFriso Bostoen  AcademicPaper59489  PTC20PROGYS_1_21
Satellite Communications: Higher Data Speeds and Lower MB Pricing Provides More Affordable SolutionsTerry Daniels  GeneralSlides49205  PTC20PROGTS_SAT_22
Satellites and 5G: Beyond interconnectionTimothy Logue  GeneralSlides15854  PTC20PROGHUB_19_3
Serving Underserved Segments of Society Using ICT InfrastructureMuhammad Rashid Shafi  GeneralSlides39848  PTC20PROGRWS_DEV_19
Social-media-based women entrepreneurship in Indonesia’s citiesAnis Hamidati  AcademicSlides55275  PTC20PROGRWS_DEV_19
Space, Power, and Connectivity- the way you want itTom Brown  GeneralSlides57260  PTC20PROGTS_EDGE_CLOUD
Splintering Communications: The Reality of Digital Practices Among People Experiencing Homelessness in an Urban GhettoHoan Nguyen  AcademicPaper
Submarine Protection Zones: “The New GOLD StandardFiona Beck  GeneralSlides51761  PTC20PROGTS_SC_20
Taking Data to the Edge: Why interconnection is keyTimothy Parker  GeneralSlides54234  PTC20PROGHUB_19_EC
THE AI & ML HYPE: Challenges and Opportunities from a Cloud Services PerspectiveJeremy Sherwood  GeneralSlides57302  PTC20PROGTS_AI_22
The digital age is changing the rules of the money gameIsabelle Paradis  GeneralSlides55281  PTC20PROGWK_PITA_19
The Empowerment of Singleton Daughters? Exploring the Gender Digital Divide Among Chinese College StudentsPuxin Zhang  AcademicPaper59805  PTC20PROGYS_2_21
The Impact of 5G: The last mile doesn't need a wire to be in the fast laneJoseph Reele  GeneralSlides59532  PTC20PROGWK_SCHNEIDER_19
The Pacific Nations – “If Only?” now Becomes “What If?"Matthew Madden  GeneralSlides59642  PTC20PROGWK_PITA_19
The Value Proposition of E-Health: A Comparative Look at the United States and SingaporeFrancis Pereira  AcademicSlides38609  PTC20PROGRWS_APPS_19
The Way Forward - 21st Century Solutions for Our PlanetCandace Johnson  GeneralSlides16639  PTC20PROGCS_21_6
Toll-Free: An Established Identifier Driving Valued Business ConnectionJason Kempson  GeneralSlides42970  PTC20PROGWK_TOLLFREE_19
Vision 2020 and Beyond: Catalysts for the PacificJohn Rhee  GeneralSlides48386  PTC20PROGWK_PITA_19
What is Data Gravity? What is it’s impact?David McCall  GeneralSlides57172  PTC20PROGHUB_19_DC
What Unique Challenges Will You Face in Moving Towards a Next-Gen Future?Sean Bergin  GeneralSlides48901  PTC20PROGHUB_20_OTH
What’s new in the satellite worldRobert Suber  GeneralSlides45166  PTC20PROGSC_WK_1