Title:A Smarter Way to Connect Communities and Roadways
Date:Sunday, 17 January 2021
Location:Auditorium, Online Conference Platform
WEB_DESC:There's no doubt that cities and transportation systems are getting “smarter” by using sensors, connected cameras, and other IoT elements to address efficiency, safety, and environmental and health challenges. Though well intentioned, many communities launch pilot projects or proofs of concept without fully considering future production scale and security requirements. Typically this leads to multiple independent solutions that drive up management complexity and costs, while increasing security risks. Truly smart systems take a strategic approach to integrate a broad range of aspects such as connected transportation, safety and security systems, street lighting, urban mobility, and parking mechanisms at a network level to be future-ready, scalable and secure.
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TitleEtc:Global Director for Connected Transportation and IoT Smart City Solutions, Cisco, Ireland