Program Participant

Name:Mark Lutkowitz
TitleCompany:Principal, FibeReality, LLC, USA
Bio:Mark Lutkowitz, Principal, at fibeReality, LLC, has over 35 years of experience in gathering and analyzing intelligence on optical and wireless equipment/services, including in telecommunications, datacom, consumer, automobile, AR/VR, and other market sectors. Recently, he led the effort in the publication of the report, Verizon’s 5G Enterprise: Hoarding mmWave for Viability, which was the first source in the space to state the primary objective of 5G wireless as being operations-centric in nature, compared to previous generations that were applications-driven. With an intense concentration on demand-side, primary research, Mark has consulted to some of the largest manufacturers in the world and has authored countless studies. He also regularly provides guidance to the investment community. Known for his provocative views, Mark is a frequent speaker at industry events.
Title:You can find Mark in:
Wednesday, 20 January 202112:00–12:305G, Wi-Fi 6, and Advanced Technology: Myths, Misconceptions, and MisunderstandingsAuditorium, Online Conference PlatformPTC21PROGCS_20_3


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