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Name:Anjali Sugadev
TitleCompany:Independent Legal Consultant, , Canada
Bio:Anjali Sugadev is an independent legal consultant and recipient of 2015 Rhodes Academy Submarine Cables Writing Award. She has presented widely on submarine cable regulatory regimes at several international conferences over the past five years. Her work focuses on the legal and policy challenges faced by submarine cable systems by basing her analysis on international and domestic laws and policies. She is the author of Global Regulation of Submarine Cables and Pipelines: Similarities, Differences and Gaps (2016), India’s Critical Position in the Global Submarine Cable Network: An Analysis of Indian Law and Practice on Cable Repairs (2017) and Submarine Cables in the Arctic: An Assessment of the Legal Framework (2019). Anjali also co-authored a book on comparative assessment of international and national environmental regulations on biodiversity, Review of Selected National Legislations Relating to Access and Benefit-Sharing (2019). In 2019, she was also awarded a grant by SubOptic Association to present her findings on the legal landscape affecting cables in the Arctic at the SubOptic conference.
Title:You can find Anjali in:
Monday, 18 January 202108:30–10:30Submarine Cable Workshop: Submarine Poster SessionNetworking Lounge, Online Conference PlatformPTC21PROGWK_18_4


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