Program Participant

Name:Francis Pereira
TitleCompany:Associate Professor, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, USA
Bio:Dr. Francis Pereira received his Ph.D. in Political Economy and Public Policy, Department of Economics, from the University of Southern California. Francis is currently an Associate Professor, Department at the Marshall School of Business, USC. Prior to that he was Director of Industry Research at the Institute for Communication, Technology and Management (CTM), a Center of Excellence at the Marshall School. Francis teaches courses in economics, statistics and digital technologies and business issues. His research has focused on key business issues in the information-communication industry, including rates of adoption of digital, business models in the new multimedia environment and the effects of emerging technologies on these models. More recently, his research includes examining the business model of e-health and Telematics. Francis has published in journals as the Journal of Communications Networks and the Journal of the Institution of British Telecommunication Engineers He also has authored several book chapters and monograms.
Title:You can find Francis in:
Monday, 17 January 202215:30–16:45Economic and Societal Consequences of Broadband and Media Policy in the U.S. and GloballyOnline & MPCC, NautilusPTC22PROGRTS_BROADBAND