Program Participant

Name:Paul Wilson
TitleCompany:Director General, APNIC, Australia
Bio:Paul Wilson has over 30 years’ involvement with the Internet, including over 20 years at the head of APNIC, the Regional Internet address Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific. In this role, he has led APNIC’s development as a neutral, non-profit provider of critical Internet registry services and as a key contributor to Internet growth and development throughout the region. Paul has worked as an expert and leader across the full range of stakeholders in Internet governance, including ISPs and network operators, non-profit organizations, governments and governmental agencies; and with many key technical organizations including RIRs, the IETF, ICANN, ISOC, APEC-TEL, the ITU and others. Previously as Technical Director and CEO of Pegasus Networks, the first private ISP in Australia, Paul worked with early Internet technologies, and helped to establish early Internet services in developing economies of the region.
Title:You can find Paul in:
Tuesday, 18 January 202215:45–17:00Is Your Internet Routing Secure? RPKI in ActionOnline & MPCC, Coral 1PTC22PROGRPKI_TS


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