Program Participant

Name:Ricardo Orcero
TitleCompany:Network Investments Submarine Cable EMEA, Meta, Spain
Bio:Ricardo is currently an executive at Facebook with broad experience in telecom industry. His interests are mostly in development of new submarine networks and terrestrial fiber networks in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South-Central America. He has significant experience focused on infrastructure architecture, negotiation, acquisition, and implementation on a global basis. Previously he was the Director of Global Fiber Acquisition at Cogent Communications.
Title:You can find Ricardo in:
Sunday, 16 January 202211:30–12:45Submarine Cable Workshop: Keynote Panel Part 1Online & MPCC, Coral 1 & 2PTC22PROGSUB_WK_2
Sunday, 16 January 202212:45–14:00Submarine Cable Luncheon: Keynote Panel Part 2Online & MPCC, Coral 1 & 2PTC22PROGSUB_LUNCH


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