Program Participant

Name:Peder Naerboe
TitleCompany:Founder and Chairman, Bulk Infrastructure Group, Norway
Bio:After many years in industrial real estate and infrastructure development in and around Norway and the Nordics, I started Bulk Infrastructure in 2006 to create Real Estate and Infrastructure that enables a more sustainable future. Driven by a strong conviction that long-term positive impact to the environment can best be achieved when sustainability goes hand in hand with creating value and profitability for customers, Bulk has grown to encompass three lines of business including industrial real estate, data centers, and fiber networks. Many bold and smart people have joined me in establishing and growing Bulk over the years. Our work and every project we undertake is guided by four key criteria. It must be sustainable. It must be infrastructure. It must be scalable internationally. And it must be related to the Nordics. This approach gives Bulk a unique platform in the sector. Our growth, along with our growing network of customers, partners, influencers, suppliers and consultants, is evidence of our progress toward our vision: Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.
Title:You can find Peder in:
Sunday, 16 January 202209:00–11:30Submarine Cable WorkshopOnline & MPCC, Coral 1 & 2PTC22PROGSUB_WK_1


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