Program Participant

Name:Jonathan Berney
TitleCompany:Co-Founder & COO, Chayora Holdings Limited, Hong Kong SAR China
Bio:With over 30 years of international business experience in Technology, Finance, and Property, before creating Chayora along with his two fellow founders, Jonathan worked as an analyst with Cazenove in London, was CEO of .com, Head of Implementation of an early mobile commerce platform, and more recently was a regional managing partner with EC Harris helping organizations with business critical assets transform and outsource including the development of mission critical data centers across Asia. He spent three years with Gemini consulting as part of the Cap Gemini group focusing on helping organizations transform their people, technology, and physical assets and was part of the leadership team for delivering the world’s first public sector e-procurement platform. Prior to moving back to Asia 12 years ago, he led a number of development and asset organizations through significant transformations in order to maximize their development and operational performance.
Title:You can find Jonathan in:
Wednesday, 19 January 202210:30–11:00Sustainability in the Hyper Data Center WorldOnline & Tapa 2 & 3PTC22PROGCS_19_1


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