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Name:George Ford
TitleCompany:Chief Economist, Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies, USA
Bio:Dr. George S. Ford is the Chief Economist of the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy Studies (, a non-profit research center specializing in the law and economics of the digital age. Dr. Ford has published extensively in the economics of government regulation, technology, intellectual property, and economic development, landing him in the top 1% of authors on the Social Science Research. He has published more than eighty papers in academic journals covering law, economics, and epidemiology. Dr. Ford has testified before the U.S. Congress, the copyright tribunals, and numerous state regulatory agencies. Dr. Ford has studied the economics of telecommunications markets for a quarter century, including serving as an economist at the Federal Communications Commission and with service providers. Dr. Ford’s analysis of the investment effects of Net Neutrality served as the primary analytical support in the Restoring Internet Freedom Order regarding the adverse consequences of classifying broadband as a Title II telecommunications service.
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Award:2022 Meheroo Jussawalla Research Award Winner