Program Participant

Name:Patrick Smith
TitleCompany:Manager, Technology Development, Polar Research Support, National Science Foundation, USA
Bio:A veteran of the United States Antarctic Program, he has a 30+ year career for the US national program managed by the National Science Foundation, an independent Federal agency supporting basic science research. He has promoted the introduction and development of modern ICT to advance scientific research supporting a year-round presence in Antarctica. Having wintered twice in the Antarctic prior to advent of the Internet Age, Mr. Smith’s accomplishments include satellite IP networking communications via the innovative use of legacy inclined orbit geosynchronous satellites able to connect with South Pole Station at 90 degrees south. Mr. Smith’s present interests are focused on the introduction of submarine telecommunications cables equipped with SMART sensors to support Antarctic research. Mr. Smith holds a BSEE degree from the University of Texas/Austin.
Title:You can find Patrick in:
Tuesday, 18 January 202215:45–17:00SMART Submarine Cables Serving People in a Sea of ConnectivityOnline & MPCC, Coral 2PTC22PROGSUB_TS_SMART


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