Program Participant

Name:Babak Pasdar
TitleCompany:Chief Executive Officer, Acreto, USA
Bio:Babak Pasdar is a globally recognized innovator, cybersecurity expert, author, and entrepreneur best known for his multiple innovations in the area of cloud security. He has successfully founded and exited two companies that were the first innovators in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Secure-Access-Service-Edge (SASE) spaces. Babak is Acreto’s founder and serves as the company’s Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer with a focus on solving some of the toughest cybersecurity challenges the world faces.
Title:You can find Babak in:
Monday, 17 January 202214:00–14:30The Cybersecurity LandscapeOnline & Tapa 2 & 3PTC22PROGCS_17_CYBER


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