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PTC'22: Reunite. Rethink. Renew.
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5G and Wi-Fi 6: What’s Important NowPatricia Paoletta  GeneralSlides32152  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/5G_TS
5G and Wi-Fi 6: What’s Important NowPhilip Olivero  GeneralSlides47571  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/5G_TS
A Study on the Cellular Telecommunications Facility Coverage to Public Elementary Schools in the PhilippinesMelchizedek Alipio  AcademicPaper
Accelerating Global Communications with the CloudClint Crosier  GeneralSlides64342  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/CS_17_3
At the intersection of DC and subsea trendsPierre Tremblay  GeneralSlides62653  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/SUB_TS_17
Beyond Infrastructure Funding: Policies to Extend Access to Broadband in Rural and Indigenous RegionsHeather HudsonRob McMahon AcademicPaper
Blockchain-based supply chain traceability in developing countriesNir Kshetri  AcademicPaper
Competitions between OTT TV platforms and traditional pay television: revenue displacementSung Wook Ji  AcademicSlides49199  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RTS_REGULATION
Consumer Strategies and Mobile Apps: How do Consumers Use and Outsmart Algorithmic Platforms?Godofredo Ramizo  AcademicSlides59743  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/YS_1
COVID-19 pandemics and disinformation issues in Taiwan: Analyses on YouTube videosTrisha T. C. Lin  AcademicSlides57338  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RWS_HS
Data Center Operating and Investment PerspectivesAnthony Rossabi  GeneralSlides61857  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/DC_TS_2
Data Centers, Connectivity, EdgeAlexander Ramirez  GeneralSlides58339  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/DC_TS_1
Data Centers, Connectivity, EdgeGiuliano Di Vitantonio  GeneralSlides64195  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/DC_TS_1
Different Types of Internet Use and the Perceived Impact of the Internet on Social Mobility: Results from a National Survey in ChinaQin Yuan  AcademicPaper
Facing the Challenges of the Digital Divide in Indigenous and Tribal CommunitiesTyson Johnston  AcademicSlides59158  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RWS_DD_ITC
Indigenous Community Networks in Hawai'iRob McMahon  AcademicSlides53303  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RWS_ICNH
IoT and Blockchain – A Paradigm ShiftYogesh Lulla  GeneralSlides60757  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/CS_BLOCKCHAIN
It’s Back: Status and Forecast on Policy and Regulation of the Open Internet or Net NeutralityRichard Vincent  AcademicSlides5030  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RTS_REGULATION
Make 5G Broadband a viable investment through Co-creation and CollaborationMothilal De Silva  AcademicSlides50179  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RWS_DD_16
Making Data Speak for all Stakeholders: The “Collect Once, Use Often” Ethos in PermittingLorraine Gray  GeneralSlides61868  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/SUB_TS_17
Portuguese contribution to the EU Atlantic Data-Gateway PlatformJose Barros  GeneralSlides62089  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/SUB_TS_SMART
Race and Broadband Adoption: A Decomposition AnalysisGeorge Ford  AcademicPaper
Regulation of complex adaptive systems: optimising competition and consumer welfare outcomes in Nigeria's converging telecommunications marketRaymond Onuoha  AcademicSlides64335  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/YS_1
SUBMARINE LANDING FRAMEWORK From new opportunities to new complexitiesDiego Riccardo Teot  GeneralSlides47087  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/SUB_PS
Tele-health in theory versus practice: a comparative look at the United States and SingaporeFrancis PereiraElizabeth K. Fife AcademicSlides3860921234 PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RTS_BROADBAND
The Edge is Where All ConvergesMarc Ganzi  GeneralSlides64355  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/CS_17_1
The Effect of Pricing Policies on Internet ConsumptionErezi Ogbo  AcademicSlides64334  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/YS_1
The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Driving Digital InclusionNancy NovakJulie M. Albright AcademicSlides6403963934 PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RTS_BROADBAND
View From the C-SuiteBill Barney  GeneralSlides32319  PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/CS_17_4
Who is left behind by digitalisation? Characterising the digital divide in SpainCovadonga Gijón  AcademicPaper
Wireless Technologies as Accelerants of Digital EquityDaniel SmithEdward Sun AcademicPaper
448234050 PTC22PROGPTC22PROG/RWS_DD_16