Program Participant

Name:Justen Burdette
TitleCompany:Chief Executive Officer, Mobi, Inc., USA
Bio:Justen Burdette is the CEO for Mobi, the regional wireless provider for Hawaii. Mobi is a member of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) and the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA). Mobi launched in 2005 and has seamless roaming agreements to provide coverage across the United States, throughout the Pacific Rim, and around the globe. Customers can try or switch to Mobi in seconds, from anywhere, using the Mobi app and eSIM — account creation and billing is handled entirely through Apple Pay or Google Pay. Justen previously served as vice president for product at Tucows (Nasdaq: TCX), where he helped lead the growth of its Ting Mobile wireless service, prior to its acquisition by Dish. He also led the product launch of its FTTH service, Ting Internet, and helped lead the development of its in-house BSS/OSS, which has since become a standalone SaaS startup, Wavelo. Mobi is based in Honolulu.
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Tuesday, 17 January 202311:25–12:00Democratizing Wireless ConnectivityTapa 2 & 3PTC23PROGCS_MOBI


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