Program Participant

Name:Joley Michaelson
TitleCompany:CEO & Founder, The Sun Company, USA
Bio:Joley Michaelson is the CEO of The Sun Company. She's part of the growing energy industry in a country hungry for a clean alternative. Upon leaving her executive role at Tesla in 2017, Joley founded The Sun Company, the country's first solely women-owned national renewable energy company. Through her vision, Joley has created and is delivering the future energy ecosystem and is driving adoption through innovation - including her best-in-class long-duration battery storage and a new energy network that includes the country's first Independent Renewable Energy Power Plant ( I-REPP), which will provide power to one of the world's greenest data centers. Under Joley's leadership, The Sun Company is committed to simplifying and expanding access to affordable renewable energy solutions for people around the globe.
Title:You can find Joley in:
Tuesday, 17 January 202308:30–09:30Environmental, Social, and GovernanceMPCC, South Pacific 3PTC23PROGESG_TS_17
Tuesday, 17 January 202310:50–11:20Sustainable Digital InfrastructureTapa 2 & 3PTC23PROGCS_SUSTAINABLE


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