Program Participant

Name:Prasanth Prahladan
TitleCompany:PhD Graduate Student, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Bio:Prasanth Prahladan is currently pursuing his PhD in Computer Science on building safe and reliable information infrastructures at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research explores the use of formal methods to ensure the functional correctness of system architectures with a primary focus on the verification of 5G Control Plane protocols. Additionally, he has worked on the problem of dynamic resource allocation in data-centers and dynamic spectrum sharing. His research publications include works on the design of mergeable replicated data types (MRDT) and on applying AI/ML techniques to improve the performance of network systems like DOCSIS 4.1 networks and caching within data-centric networks. His research proposal titled "Future of the Autonomous Self" was selected as one of the top-100 ideas in the NSF 2026 Idea Challenge. As a science communicator, he has hosted two public talks at the Fiske Planetarium under the Science Under the Dome talk-series.
Title:You can find Prasanth in:
Tuesday, 17 January 202315:30–16:45Emerging ScholarMPCC, Nautilus 1 & 2PTC23PROGRTS_EMERGING_2


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