Program Participant

Name:Chi Nguyen
TitleCompany:Chief Operating Officer, Mobi, Inc., USA
Bio:Chi is the Chief Operating Officer at Mobi. As COO, Chi’s main objective is to provide the connective tissue between teams and departments, to ensure that Mobi is operationalizing its values and committing to its vision and mission in all initiatives. Chi works to create a culture based on vulnerability, social accountability, and care and connection, to allow innovation to flow and flourish. Additionally, Chi is committed to addressing systems of white dominant culture and imbalance of power within the technology industry that cause and reinforce systemic oppression and marginalization. Chi’s previous experience includes setting the bar for award-winning customer service Ting Mobile, building out gigabit FTTH networks at Ting Internet, and overhauling policies and processes at Freedom Mobile.
Title:You can find Chi in:
Tuesday, 17 January 202311:25–12:00Democratizing Wireless ConnectivityTapa 2 & 3PTC23PROGCS_MOBI


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