The Secretariat, headed by the CEO, organizes the Annual Conference, seminars, events, community initiatives, and oversees PTC’s day-to-day affairs.

Meet the Secretariat team and what they do. Contact us with any inquiries regarding PTC or the Annual Conference.

Name:Brian Moon
Title:Chief Executive Officer
bio:Responsible for carrying out the strategic plan of PTC, managing and guiding PTC's operations and activities, and serving the PTC Membership community, along with the Secretariat.
Name:Poli Jacobsen
Title:Accounting Clerk
bio:Records and posts transactions, processes payments, and reconciles general ledger accounts and bank statements.
Name:Mahealani Jimenez
Title:Sponsorship and Meetings Manager
bio:Oversees sponsorship opportunities for PTC and Annual Conference, and manages PTC Webinar logistics.
Name:Liane Kobayashi
Title:Executive Assistant
bio:Supports the daily operations of the secretariat, assists membership, and supports the annual Board of Governors/Advisory Council elections process.
Name:Anamarcia Lacayo, PhD.
Title:Solutions Architect
bio:Designs, builds, and oversees digital solutions for PTC.
Name:Alisa Lum
Title:IT Systems / Network Administrator
bio:Responsible for database and network administration, systems analysis, and technical support.
Name:Jacie Matsukawa, CMP
Title:Meetings & Events Manager
bio:Oversees the PTC Academy as well as the Annual Conference featured participants program.
Name:Jason O'Rourke
Title:Marketing Manager
bio:Handles marketing and external advertising for PTC, as well as Annual Conference advertising opportunities.
Name:Shawn Reed
Title:Web Content Publisher & Graphic Designer
bio:Develops and designs PTC and Annual Conference print and online materials, in addition to PTC website content.
Name:Janice Spencer
Title:Accounting Manager
bio:Oversees all financial responsibilities for PTC and supports the annual Board of Governors/Advisory Council elections process.
Name:Lori Takeuchi
Title:Conference & HR Manager
bio:Manages Annual Conference operations, personnel, and payroll. Note: PTC does not accept unsolicited resumes.