The Secretariat, headed by the CEO, organizes the annual conference, seminars, and other events and oversees the Council’s day-to-day affairs.

Name:Sharon Nakama
Title:Chief Executive Officer
Bio:Aloha! I’m Sharon Nakama, the CEO of PTC. I, along with the entire secretariat staff have the privilege of serving the PTC membership.
Name:Linda Ristow
Bio:Hi, I’m Linda Ristow. As PTC’s Controller, I am responsible for the monthly financial reports, annual budget preparation, and overseeing the annual audit, as well as financial projections, cost analyses, and internal controls.
Name:Anamarcia Lacayo, PhD.
Title:Communications Officer
Bio:Hi, I’m Anamarcia Lacayo. As PTC’s Communications Officer, I am responsible for the organization’s external communications.
Name:Jason O'Rourke
Title:Marketing Manager
Bio:Aloha, I’m Jason O’Rourke. I handle the marketing for PTC, coordinating our external advertising efforts as well as advertising opportunities through PTC and the annual conference.
Name:Lori Takeuchi
Title:Lead Conference & HR Coordinator
Bio:Aloha. I’m Lori Takeuchi. My primary responsibilities include conference operations, personnel and payroll. Note: PTC does not accept unsolicited resumes.
Name:Kate Knutsen
Title:Membership Coordinator
Bio:As PTC’s Membership Coordinator, I am responsible for membership development.
Name:Liane Kobayashi
Title:Administrative Assistant
Bio:Aloha, I’m Liane Kobayashi, PTC’s Administrative Assistant. My responsibilities include supporting the daily operations of the secretariat and conference preparation.
Name:Grace Lo
Title:Special Projects Coordinator
Bio:I am responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of special projects and new initiatives including the PTC 40th Anniversary Conference.
Name:Alisa Lum
Title:IT Systems / Network Administrator
Bio:Hi! I’m Alisa Lum. My responsibilities include database and network administration, systems analysis, and technical support.
Name:Jacie Matsukawa
Title:Meeting Planner / Conference Coordinator
Bio:Aloha, I’m Jacie Matsukawa, PTC’s meeting planner. I oversee the operations and planning of Spectrum Futures. I also manage sponsorship opportunities and assist with the coordination of the featured participants for PTC’s annual conference.
Name:Shawn Reed
Title:Web Content Publisher & Graphic Designer
Bio:Aloha, I’m Shawn Reed. I assist with design and content publishing of PTC’s collateral materials via print and web.
Name:Jalina Shrestha
Title:Accounting Assistant
Bio:Aloha, I’m Jalina Shrestha. I take care of the recording and posting of payments and receipts, cutting the checks, and reconciling the bank account.
Name:Jamie Wan-Lopaz
Title:Conference Coordinator
Bio:Aloha, I’m Jamie Wan-Lopaz. I handle the program-related matters of PTC’s annual conference, including the call for papers, the proposal review process, as well as speaker coordination.