President’s PTC’17 Welcome Message

Dear PTC’17 Attendees, Aloha and Welcome to all our PTC members! PTC’16 challenged us to Reimagine Telecoms by rethinking strategies and possibilities in our modern telecommunications ecosystem. PTC’17 takes this idea one step further by not only reimagining possibilities, but understanding the [...]


Do you have an announcement you would like to share with PTC’17 attendees during the conference? Email a link to your press release and a PDF.

Announcements received by 15.00 HST will be distributed via email and posted on this page the same day. Announcements will be sent starting on Sunday, 15 January 2017. A new email will be sent each night of the conference.

Sun Global Broadband LLC

Sun Global Broadband LLC Sun Global Broadband LLC has just completed their initial capital round. Specialized software over a private network will provide applications for Hawaii visitors and cultural content for the Hawaiian Community. SGB is founded by Edward Sun, formerly with GTE, [...]

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