Why We Joined PTC: Enzu

Enzu joined PTC in order to expand the visibility of our Asia Pacific Optimized Network, Hybrid Colocation & Enterprise Solutions to new partners in the region while also seeking new partnerships with carriers in the region to expand our global footprint.

PTC’17 Surpasses PTC’16 Attendance

PTC'17 set yet another record: increased attendance with participants from more than 75 countries and over 200 speakers discussing all facets of the ICT industry's Changing Realities. A powerful agenda closes a decade of growth and transformation for our organization.

Connectivity Upheaval

Will global telecom connectivity see more upheaval in 2017? In the face of huge demand, no one doubts the subsea telecom and data center sectors are highly dynamic. The problem? This dynamism is bringing its own challenges.

President’s PTC’17 Welcome Message

Dear PTC’17 Attendees, Aloha and Welcome to all our PTC members! PTC’16 challenged us to Reimagine Telecoms by rethinking strategies and possibilities in our modern telecommunications ecosystem. PTC’17 takes this idea one step further by not only reimagining possibilities, but understanding the [...]

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