Title:TeleGeography Workshop
Date:Sunday, 19 January 2020
Location:MPCC, Coral 1 & 2
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TeleGeography's much-loved workshop will again serve up the latest trends and analysis on the data center market, international networks, and bandwidth pricing. Expect big questions, bad telecom puns, and — as always — lots and lots of data.

Chasing Opportunity in the Data Center Market
As leading operators push into new frontiers, what potential can we see in nascent markets where they're breaking ground? And for customers evaluating hub data center locations, can we find markets that have consistent price advantages over others? We'll take a strategic look at a few of the issues facing operators and customers in the race to stay ahead in today's data center market.

International Networks & Systemic Risk
A handful of giant content providers are propping up undersea cable demand. To misappropriate Churchill, "Never was so much owed by so many to so few." But what are the risks to the industry? We'll explore whether we can expect growth to continue into the next decade.

TeleGeography Pricing Update
In telecom, there's one constant: prices always fall. But how are new investments, players, and technologies affecting international prices across markets? And what's the outlook for bandwidth buyers and sellers?
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